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Drew just broke up with his girlfriend but he’s not worried. “Ya I’m bummed, but whatever. There’s always another chick to bang.” Well said, Drew. Well said.

Single or not his horny cock springs to attention as he strips naked and shows off his smooth athletic body. He works out his frustration using his patented “wrist on cock” jack off technique – gliding the smooth skin of his wrist back and forth against his cock head until he shoots a delicious load all over his belly! 

Drew is rock hard at poking at the thick fabric of his blue jeans as the video opens. He takes his time and lovingly strokes his hidden shaft as his eyes flutter with the surge of energy coming from his crotch. It’s hard enough to be a little uncomfortable so he stands up and kicks off his jeans before sitting back on the couch wtih his cock poking at the air. 

He stops and holds his cock up for the camera’s inspection as he looks into the lens with his beautiful blue eyes. You can see that he’s a little shaken up from his break up but he’s still a horny straight guy and his cock needs attention! He looks down at his throbbing manhood with a hint of a smirk as he slowly caresses the sensitive skin.

The camera comes in for a magnificent close up as he continues to work his rock hard cock. Slow deliberate motions designed to maximize his pleasure ease into more forceful tugs as he mixes things up a bit. The camera pulls back as he kicks off his underwear and slips his black t-shirt up and over his head. Read on…

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