Hung Boy Next Door

Straight from campus: Men Worship Cock

Men Worship Cock

Sexual haze rituals

These new frat boys have to prove they are good enough to be part of the fraternity. They are forced to strip naked and jerk off in front of the others. The guys obey and think that’s all they have to do, but things aren’t that easy. They have to worship each other’s cocks by sucking each other off. Those straight guys do anything to become part of the fraternity!

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Logan Rogue gets gang banged at Men At Play

LOgan Rogue in Nasty Boys

Logan Rogue gets fucked by four muscle hunks

Logan Rogue and Tomas Brand in Nasty Boys 2

Ever since the huge reaction we received from Nasty Boys, starring Axel Brooks we’ve been gagging to push another suited guy into a sleazy dark room scenario and unleash a group of sweaty studs on him. And we found the perfect guy for the job in Logan Rogue. He is so Men At Play in his sharp suit. And theres nothing hotter than the sight of him surrounded by dicks and gloryholes, sucking and getting fucked along the way by a string of sleazy guys, till his sweaty cum-stained clothes are pulled off him for one final fuck as an anonymous monster-cock squirts all over his face.

Nasty Boys 2 also stars Tomas Brand, porn newcomer Jake Bolton, Pau Casserras, and features Kayden Grey’s the succulent big cock. If you like seeing your suited gents get roughed up this is perfect wank material – Check out the uncensored, sleazy cum fest here!

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Well hung Tommy Defendi fucks Shawn Wolfe

Tommy Defendi pounds Shawn Wolfe

Shawn Wolfe and Tommy Defendi

Lowdown Dirty part one

Tommy Defendi is back and Shawn Wolfe‘s got him. Almost. The chain link fence between them is only a partial deterrent. After all, you can stick your dick through — which is what Shawn does. Tommy rises to the bait. He grabs Shawn’s cock and offers his own to hold as they tangle tongues through the fence. Tommy thrusts his ass back as he bends down to suck.

His prize assured, Sean comes ’round Tommy’s side of the fence, determined to man-handle all 9.5 inches. It’s a gulping feat worthy of a gold medal, but Shawn is rewarded with an even better prize – that massive cock up his ass. Tommy is on his back when Shawn straddles him, coiling into a near fetal position. Every bronze muscle flexes as he impales himself on Tommy’s monument of cock. Shawn is so ripped and compact, you can’t believe he can take the whole thing up his ass.

Sounds of slapping flesh compete with rising cries of ecstasy. Tommy presses Shawn’s calves against his granite pecs while relentlessly burying the bone. Shawn’s desire is quenched swallowing the load built up in Tommy’s balls as he spews his own seed across his torso. A cummy kiss is Tommy’s seal of approval.

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New BelAmi exclusive model Johnny Bloom

Johnny Bloom at BelAmi Online

The new exclusive model for BelAmi was introduced a couple of days ago and he is hotter than hot. It’s a Czech muscle boy and his porn star name is Johnny Bloom. He is the younger brother of BelAmi model Banjamin. He loves to work out and the results are clearly visable. He has an amazing muscular body, but that’s not all. What a handsome face does Johnny have and that nice uncut cock makes it all complete.

His first oral video is now online at BelAmi Online and soon his first hardcore video will be released. If you want to see more of the handsome Czech boy, you should check out the preview video at Queer Fever.

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Leo Domenico fucks Adam Herst

Adam Herst and Leo Domenico

Leo fucks Adam for Alphamales

Alphamales Leo Domenico and Adam Herst

Adam Herst gets to the office early morning but he’s still suffering from last night football match. What he needs is a good deep massage! He knows it’s Leo Domenico‘s strength and calls Trojan to book a massage by him. He gets to the appointment and is greeted by a shorts wearing Leo; exactly what he was hoping for. He lays on the table and lets him get on with his work. Leo oils and massages the beefy American man’s back.. legs.. rump.

Adam has a beautiful meaty ass and Leo can’t stop himself from exploring what lies hidden between the two mounds of flesh. The fingers gliding on his hole result in a massive hard on Adam’s part and Leo pulls his cock between his legs for a gentle hand massage before turning Adam on his back and continuing the massage with his mouth while stimulating his insides with his finger.

Adam enjoys the double service but he is more interested in what lies hidden under the tight white shorts, so he reaches down and pulls Leo’s hard cock out. Leo moves round and feeds his own meat to the hungry mouth. Adam then turns on all fours to suck him better and offer his hole for more stimulation. Leo fingers him a bit more but soon switches fingers for tongue.

He works the hole loose enough to be able to push his cock to the base in one go. He fucks him hard and deep from the back, using the table to prop his leg up to open his hole more and then they switch to Adam on his back, his ass hanging from the edge of the table and Leo holding his legs up while fucking the hell out of him. Adam sprays his load on himself while being fucked and Leo follows suit and shoots a massive thick load all the way to Adam’s shoulder and pecs.

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Jimmy Durano fucks Ray Diaz by the pool

Jimmy Durano fucks Ray Diaz

muscle hunks fucking

Rock Star scene 1

Who wouldn’t want to fuck Ray Diaz? Great smile, rich tasty skin covering toned muscles, a what-the-hell attitude and a twitchy hole that can’t say no. He and Jimmy Durano are kicking back at the pool. Durano is mouthwatering on his own. Hot meat in skimpy blue trunks, and Ray has a plan for what’s beneath them. First, Ray ditches the Wayfarers.

Then he ditches his swimsuit, making sure Jimmy gets an eyeful, before diving in. Jimmy follows Ray, grabbing him in the shallow end and planting a wet kiss on his lips, then hoisting himself out of the pool slowly enough that his buns are poised, immobile, just long enough for Ray to grab hold and jam his tongue in the cleft.

Whipping his cock in circles, Jimmy leads Ray to a shady spot. Ray knows what to do: long tongue strokes along the length of Jimmy’s meat, stretching and nibbling the foreskin and deep-throating it all.

Jimmy needs to sink his shaft in the juicy depths of Ray’s hot brown hole before his nuts burst. Jimmy breaks to suck Ray’s cock, then flips him over and jacks him while he fucks him. Ray squirts a load of cum across his treasure trail at the same time that Jimmy erupts in jizz all over Ray’s sexy thighs.

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